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So who is Dee Lippingwell you ask?

My name is Dee Lippingwell and I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a grandmother and a rock star photographer!

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll, hence the “rock chick” handle, but am moved by all different types of music, from Blues to Jazz to Country. I sing along with Adele and Tina, Rod and Mick and thousands of other artists that have crossed my path so when asked who my favorite performer is I think of all of the above.
I’m always amazed at the talent we have right here in our own backyard – Bryan Adams, Loverboy, Chilliwack, Michael Buble, Colin James, Daniel Wesley and Diana Krall are a few from my hometown of Vancouver, B.C.

Although born in Vancouver, BC, I was raised in Trail, BC – a small Canadian town in the middle of Kootenays. I couldn’t wait to move to the “big city” but my three younger brothers actually still reside there. My current home is nestled in the beautiful metropolitan area of Vancouver, BC with my husband Paul. I have two sons, Chris and Marc, and two wonderful grandchildren, Tyler and Shauna. Tyler is studying at BCIT to learn broadcast journalism and Shauna is still in high school.

I was about 5 years old when my Grandfather taught me how to take photographs on his old Brownie camera. I remember clearly, a day in the early 70′s when I went to see Pink Floyd in concert in Vancouver, BC and came out of it with some pretty great shots for someone who had no idea what she was doing. I knew then and there that I wanted to shoot rock stars but little did I know that I would be shooting legends like Elton John, Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Jeff Beck and ZZ Top in the not too distant future. Publications like The Rolling Stone, Georgia Straight, Music Express and Canadian Musician featured my photos and my career escalated.

Being in ‘the pit’ and knowing that you have the opportunity to capture a moment in time is exhilarating but it’s also stressful. I get butterflies in my stomach even still and worry if the lights are good enough to shoot. I would imagine it feels similar to what a performer would feel just before going on stage. I anticipate the perfect shot like the performer anticipates the perfect performance so it’s all built on the same stuff.

I put out my first book ‘The Best Seat In The House’ in 1987 and everyone at that time asked me if I met or interacted with the stars, and if I did what happened. Everyone was so interested in the stories. They encouraged me to write them down, so I did, which resulted in 40 years worth of stories and photographs in one big pile.

A few years ago I started working through that pile and editing those stories adding photos to each one and before I knew it, I had my second book…….”FIRST THREE SONGS…NO FLASH!”

I have won a variety of awards and been honored with distinctions but nothing thrills me more than capturing something great with my camera, whether it’s a concert, a wedding, a promo shoot or a baby smiling. I learned very early in my career that Rock and Roll does NOT pay the rent so had to make sure my photographic knowledge encompassed many different facets of the profession.

Even after all these years my heart still starts beating faster as I wait for the lights to go down and the curtains to disappear and magic to begin. So…. See you all out there at the next rock concert!

I’ll be in ‘the pit’… for the first three songs…with no flash!